lorna is one of our church Wardens. She also plays a huge role within our church community

bev + g

lead up our hospitality team. They're the ones who can give you coffee!

dom + becky

lead our amazing worship team. Come and join our worship this sunday!


is Hugh's wife. She leads our SOZO ministry and is a key prophetic voice within the church.


is our brilliant vicar and pastor. He is known for how well he preaches the word and he has a passion for fell-running!


Fi is one of our church Wardens. She also plays the drums for our worship team. During the week she is a deputy head at a. local school


is our church treasurer and one of our worship leaders. He works as an accountant and has been a faithful member of Christ Church for some time now.

chris + claire

head up our kids and youth ministries. They have both been instrumental in the spiritual growth and upkeep of our church.


is our church administrator. He occasionally preaches and blows everyone away with his insights. He is also works as a translator


organises our communion lunches which are famous for the wide array of foods that are offered. 


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