How to make your own Nativity costumes

It's our Nativity Service on 12th Dec and we need help to tell the Christmas story.

Everyone is welcome to come along in a costume ready to take part (or we will have a few spares available to borrow too.) There's no need to buy anything - it's easy to make your child's outfit at home and I've made a couple of videos to give an idea how to do it. Or use your imagination to make your own designs.

All you need to make a king's crown or a sheep headband is paper, scissors, glue, sellotape plus colouring pens for the king or white wool for the sheep - get in touch with me if you need wool.

For a king, make the crown, wear your smartest clothes and carry a gift - the three kings or wise men who visited Jesus brought gold, frankincense and myrrh.

To dress up as a sheep, wear white or black clothes along with your homemade sheep headband.

Or come as Mary - Jesus's mother. Traditionally, Mary has been shown dressed in blue so wear a blue dress. Or Joseph - Jesus's step dad who was a carpenter, bring your toy tool set if you have one. And our final suggestion is to dress up as an angel. You could wear white and make a glittery silver headband to look like a halo. People draw a halo above someone's head to show they are holy - made holy by their connection to God.

I can't wait to see all your amazing costumes!


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